my toxic findings.

i’m in the process of learning to understand, improve, and love myself. you know – how everybody says it now adays “working on the best version of myself”. of course, with that, comes getting to know the real me. even the aspects of myself that i don’t like.

when learning to do these things, sometimes you find yourself looking for inspirational quotes and even reading books that will help you hold on tight to what you want to achieve. well – i stumbled across this great book that actually caught my attention. i am not a huge fan of reading, but that’s mainly because i don’t know how to look for a book. i mean, where do you begin? genre? author? font size? are there rules on how to find a book? do we have the technology where alexa can just order a book for us based on what we have in mind? my point: this book i found is meant to teach you how to get rid of toxic emotions in your life. one of the sections that caught me was about the toxic people in your life, how to know who they are, and what category of “toxicity” they belong to. i’ve still yet to read the full book, but this got me thinking about these toxic traits in people: being attention hoggers, mean complimenters, or using you to their benefit. i mean, i am talking about one book and one chapter that caught my eye, but there are so many out there that teach us (or try to) how to deal with these types of people, but what do you do when you find out that you are that person?

3 thoughts on “my toxic findings.

  1. Love this post !! You’re basically speaking about the importance of self accountability and I love it! Self Love is also when you can take the time to examine your own toxic behaviors. Great post!!
    I feel like we might blog about similar things and I would love to connect with you! Here’s my latest post and I hope you can check it out when you get the chance ☺️

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